Extended grad student loan period for library materials

I could check out books for an entire semester, instead of one month. Many schools with graduate programs have a separate patron type for graduate student and allow longer check outs. I am constantly renewing my books and then bringing books back in to re-check them out.

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the library computers were clean once in a while. (The computers on the third floor) The tables are full of dust, the keyboard are too! It really looks disgusting, and this is probably the reason why so many students get sick because its infested with bacteria and probably viruses. having them wiped down with lysol wipes once in a while would be nice.

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recommendation for book to be added to collection

author: Martin Jacques
title: When China Rules the World: The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order,
Penguin, 2012

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changing maintenance schedule

The maintenance (painting) of the group study rooms should be done on ANY WEEK OTHER than the week before finals when EVERYONE needs a room to study in!

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There needs to be an app that uses AR to find books your searching for and shows you where they are and on which floor. It needs to use GPS to tell where you are as well. Also, a map of the campus would help new students around with the same idea

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