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Cesar’s Last Fast


“A documentary film about the private sacrifice and spiritual conviction behind Cesar Chavez’s struggle for the humane treatment of America’s farm workers, and the impact Chavez’s legacy has on … Read the rest

To live = Huozhe


In a smoky gambling den in 1940s China, a drunken young man runs through his family’s fortune, losing their ancestral home and all their possessions. This staggering loss proves … Read the rest

The Battleship Potemkin


Re-creates the 1905 mutiny on the battleship “Prince Potemkin.” It focuses on a mutiny by the battleship’s crew and the subsequent massacre of civilians, reflecting the spirit of the … Read the rest

The Look of Silence


In this follow-up to the documentary The act of killing (2012), the brother of a political dissident killed by state-sponsored death squads following Indonesia’s 1965 military coup d’état seeks … Read the rest

Nanjing! Nanjing!


On December 9, 1937, the Imperial Japanese Army laid siege to the Chinese capital of Nanking, beginning a reign of terror that killed as many as 300,000 civilians, an … Read the rest

Five Films by Patricio Guzmán


Chile, Obstinate Memory: Visits with Chileans who experienced the coup first-hand (some of whom are seen in The Battle of Chile (Batalla de Chile) from 25 years ago). … Read the rest

Eyes on the Prize v.1


Fighting Back (1957-1962) : Covers stories detailing the confrontation between state and federal governments over enforcement of the law of equality, which marked an escalation in the struggle for … Read the rest

Eyes on the Prize v.2


Ain’t Scared of Your Jails (1960-1961) : Covers lunch counter sit-ins and their impact on the Kennedy and Nixon presidential race of 1960, the formation of the Student Non-Violent … Read the rest

Eyes on the Prize v.3


Mississippi: is This America? (1962-1964) : Focuses on the right to vote. Tells how the black citizens who had been denied the right to vote stepped forward and demanded … Read the rest

Eyes on the Prize v.4


The Time Has Come (1964-1966) : Malcolm X … Stokely Carmichael … “Black Power”. After a decade-long cry for justice, a new sound is on the horizon: the insistent … Read the rest