Vocabulary of Change: In Conversation …


“Angela Davis and Tim Wise, two of this country’s leading racial and social justice scholar-activists joined moderator Rose Aguilar on stage for a rare, unscripted and free range conversation … Read the rest

Killer Joe


‘Killer’ Joe Cooper is a Dallas detective who doubles as a hit man with the charm of a Southern gentleman. Chris hires Joe to kill his mother in order … Read the rest

Plastic Paradise: The Great …


Thousands of miles away from civilization, Midway Atoll is in one of the most remote places on earth. And yet it’s become ground zero for The great Pacific garbage … Read the rest



Dan, an aspiring novelist, cannot help but feel immensely attracted to Alice, a young American waitress and stripper who is in London after escaping from a failed relationship. After … Read the rest

Stories We Tell


A “genre-twisting film by director Sarah Polley, who investigates the elusive truths of her eclectic family of storytellers as she playfully interrogates a cast of characters who each relate … Read the rest

Serving Life


Takes viewers inside Louisiana’s maximum security prison at Angola, where the average sentence is more than 90 years. It documents an extraordinary hospice program where hardened criminals care for … Read the rest

Decoding Neanderthals


Over 60,000 years ago, the first modern humans left their African homeland and entered Europe, then a bleak and inhospitable continent in the grip of the Ice Age. But … Read the rest

The Look of Silence


In this follow-up to the documentary The act of killing (2012), the brother of a political dissident killed by state-sponsored death squads following Indonesia’s 1965 military coup d’├ętat seeks … Read the rest



Lantana: a noxious and troublesome weed with dense and spiky undergrowth, sometimes cultivated for its colorful, aromatic flowers (film website). Like the plant, this film is a thicket: lovely … Read the rest



Wilhemina’s War explores the lives of southern African American women and families living with HIV/AIDS. … Directed by Emily Award winning journalist and Professor June Cross, [this film] is … Read the rest