The site author is Sue Thompson, Library Systems Coordinator
California State University San Marcos

The site designer is Kate Chillanonda, Student Assistant
California State University San Marcos

Message from Sue:
My experience and research into the problem of plagiarism indicates that many students do not deliberately set out to plagiarize.  Therefore, my goal for this web site is to reduce low intentionality plagiarism resulting from relatively innocent ignorance, careless study habits, or last minute corner cutting —all preventable conditions. There are a number of good plagiarism prevention sites available.
Plagiarism Prevention for Students is distinguished from many other sites by taking a more in-depth approach to teaching about plagiarism. The site has the following objectives:

  1. Help students understand what plagiarism is — from the black and white of exact copying to the grayer areas of paraphrase and common knowledge.
  2. Provide students with specific tools and techniques they can use to avoid plagiarism.
  3. Help students understand the basics of crediting sources along with ideas on how to handle some of the difficulties in citing online sources.
  4. Provide checkpoints that students and teachers can use to see how well they understand the issues and solutions to plagiarism.

Message from Kate:

I am a student assistant in the Library Systems Department and responsible for the design of this Plagiarism tutorial. I am a self-taught, amateur web designer and illustrator.  I am grateful and honored to be the designer of this site. I love to draw and work with computers, but being a nursing student, I haven’t been around computers as I used to, so it is quite unusual to have this opportunity. All of this is thanks to my supervisor, Steve Espinoza, who hired me and gave me the opportunity to be involved in the computer world again. I give thanks to Ian Chan for being my website mentor and “troubleshooter”, and I thank Yu Yao Tham for making all of the checkpoints work correctly. Lastly, I would like to thank Sue for allowing me to be part of this team and to include my imperfect artwork on this site.

What on earth is Frankenstein doing here? Is what many would probably wonder. I chose Frankenstein as the theme in order to illustrate the concept of plagiarism. The idea came from a Power Point slide that Sue showed me that uses Frankenstein to represent the act of copying and pasting of pieces of information from different sources, one after another, onto one’s work. So, there you have it!. That’s how Frankenstein got here.

 – kaTechILL