6.c. Citing Online – Dates

  • Date:  All too often this critical information is missing or hard to find. Date information is usually provided in the footer at the bottom of the page. You might also look at the web site’s homepage or their About page for date information. If more than one date is given, such as both copyright and last updated dates, you should use the one most specific to the actual page you are citing. For example:
    Purdue OWL site has a copyright date of 1995-2012 but the MLA Formatting and Style Guide page was last edited in May 9th, 2012. When citing the MLA page, you should use the May 9th, 2012 date.
  • Date visited: Most online citation styles now ask that you include the date that you viewed the page. Often this will serve as the only date information in the citation. The date visited also tells the reader which version or ‘edition’ of the page you based your research on.

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