Teaching and Learning at CSU San Marcos University Library

We cultivate student scholars.

Student scholars:

  • navigate an increasingly complex information landscape to critically evaluate, use, and create knowledge
  • seek to contribute to knowledge-sharing among experts in a field
  • appreciate, engage with, and contribute to their communities

 The library faculty of the Teaching and Learning Department:                 

  • partner with college faculty to create impactful, transformative learning opportunities
    in first year curriculum, general education, and within majors
  • consider, implement, and assess a variety of pedagogical approaches and high impact practices that foster inquiry and curiosity in our students
  • collaborate with the campus community to create and sustain the University Library
  • as a welcoming and safe learning environment

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Why so many faculty work with us

We focus on fostering inquiry, research, and curiosity 

T&L faculty are experts on how students learn to do research and ask questions about the world        around them. We partner with college faculty to create assignments, courses, and other            resources far beyond research papers. Learn more about how we do this.           

Learning Outcomes and Assessment

The T&L has established student learning outcomes.  

Learn more about our Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Practices.