Most useful for CSUSM instructors

  • Teaching with I Am Malala (pdf) | University of Wisconsin-Platteville
    Activity starters, prompts, and reflection questions for each chapter
  • I Am Malala: A resource guide for educators (pdf) | George Washington University
    Eight themes with learning objectives, group and individual activities
  • Text in Community Study Guide: I Am Malala (pdf) | North Carolina A&T State University
    Questions and supplemental materials for each chapter
  • Malala Day Unit (pdf) | CSU Bakersfield Expository Reading & Writing Courses
    2 week instructional module aligned to Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy (9-12 grades)

Sample self-reflection prompts

  • What’s your path to your college education? Share your educational timeline with key milestones and setbacks as Malala does. Interview your parents and grandparents on their educational journeys. Consider how their oral histories differ from your own narrative.
  • Malala’s story teaches us that one person can make a big difference. If you had the chance to speak to a world leader, what issues would you bring to their attention? What examples of the issue would you highlight, and what solutions would you offer?
  • Identify the values, rights, or beliefs that matter most to you. What would you be willing to risk your life for the way Malala did for the right to attend school? Explore what people or factors have influenced your values, e.g. family, community, religion, nationality, socioeconomic status.

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