Subject Areas:

Computer Science


I am responsible for providing instruction, reference, and collection development for the departments in the College of Science and Mathematics. I also teach GEL 101 research modules and provide general reference assistance.

Research Interests:

  • Improvement of library instruction in both single- and multiple-session classes, specifically through the incorporation of active learning and team teaching techniques.
  • Implementation and assessment of novel outreach methods in science librarianship.
  • The role of the library in improving science communication.

Publications and Presentations:

Peer-reviewed publications:

Matlin, T. R., & Carr, A. (2014). Just the two of us: those who co-teach, co-learn. Collaborative Librarianship, 6(2), 61-72.

Non-refereed publications:

Matlin, T. R. (2012). It’s a zoo out there: finding reliable animal, plant and conservation information. California School Library Association Journal, 53(1), 7-9.


Matlin, T. R., & Carr, A. (2014). Just the two of us: team teaching for professional growth. Presentation at 17th Annual CSU Symposium on University Teaching in San Marcos, Ca.

Matlin, T. R., Tsui, S., & Pham, V. (2014). One quest to teach them all: use of analogy to engage students. Poster presented at 17th Annual Symposium on University Teaching in San Marcos, CA.

Carr, A., & Matlin, T. R. (2013). It takes a village: team teaching for student learning. Poster presented at CSUSM Teaching Expo in San Marcos, CA.

Matlin, T. R., & Jankowski, A. (2012). Going on reference safari: bringing the library to zoo keepers and horticulturalists in their natural habitat. Poster presented at American Library Association Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA.

Coates, L., & Matlin, T. R. (2011). Finding wildlife information online. Workshop presentation at American Association of Zoo Keepers Annual Conference in San Diego, CA.

Matlin, T. R., & Turnbow, D. (2010). (S)he said, she said: The benefits of mentorship from a mentor and mentee perspective. Poster presented at the California Academic & Research Libraries Conference in Sacramento, CA.

Matlin, T. R., & McGuinness, S. (2009). Fusing the wiki and the pathfinder: creating an interactive resource guide to improve pharmacy student researching skills. Poster presented at the Medical Library Association Annual Conference in Honolulu, HI.

Turnbow, D., & Matlin, T. R. (2009). Beyond walls: moving from in-person to online instruction to teach evaluation skills. Paper presented at the MLGSCA Technology Symposium in Cerritos, CA.


2010 Ilene F. Rockman CARL Conference Scholar


California Academic and Research Libraries (CARL)
Southern California Instruction Librarians (SCIL) – Publicist (2010 – 2013), Secretary (2012 – 2103), Chair-elect (2013-2014), and Chair (2014-current)
Special Library Association (SLA) – San Diego Chapter President (2012 – 2013)