Director, Teaching and Learning


The Director, in collaboration with library and departmental faculty, is responsible for designing, implementing, and promoting the T&L curriculum. The T&L curriculum aims to develop students’ understanding of and skills in discipline-specific modes of inquiry and research. The Director is responsible for designing and implementing a program of reference and research assistance that enhances and supports the library’s teaching program.  The library’s teaching program includes the development and delivery of any instruction by librarians, as well as other collaborative work with disciplinary faculty. (Including, but not limited to: development and planning of assignments, courses, and programs of study.)

Using a collaborative, team-based approach, the T&L team of library faculty and staff  strive to make evidence-based decisions and to carefully analyze, reflect, and assess the impact and success of the information literacy curriculum and reference/research help program.  The T&L Director  facilitates these efforts. Further, the T&L Director acts as an advocate and representative for the T&L within CSUSM and beyond the campus.

I also am the subject specialist for the Psychology Department. In this role, I provide information literacy instruction, collection development, and research help for faculty and students in the Psychology Department. In collaboration with faculty, I provide course-integrated instruction on finding, evaluating, and using information in your course assignments. Such instruction fosters critical thinking, the development of information literacy skills, and students who are better prepared to learn in their chosen field.

Research interests:

I am currently focusing efforts on investigating the teaching/learning praxis in information literacy instruction and reference services to undergraduate populations. In my own instruction and in my work with librarian and classroom faculty colleagues I am seeking to identify, apply, and assess learning/teaching theories and theories of development in librarians’ instructional activities.

In addition, I am interested in considering threshold concepts theory as a means to shape integrative, high-impact general education curriculum.

Selected Publications & Presentations:


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 Non-Refereed Publications

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Book Chapters

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 Presentations and workshops

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