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Celebrate African American achievements in STEM

In honor of Black History Month, I’d like to highlight some resources featuring African American scientists. (Sorry this is a bit late…I can’t believe it’s March next week already!)

  • Listen to interviews with African American scientists on AAAS’ Science Update. Learn about how Lisa Stevens, a Giant panda curator at the National Zoo, first became interested in zoology and field work. Or, listen to an interview with Bruce Ovbiagele, Assistant Professor of Neurology at UCLA and the national spokesperson for the American Stroke Association’s “Power to End Stroke” campaign. These interviews, and others with scientists working in areas such as aerospace engineering, evolutionary biology, chemistry, and more, highlight the contributions of African Americans to today’s STEM community.
  • View an interactive timeline of black researchers in the life sciences at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The earliest entry features Rebecca Lee Crumpler, who in 1864 “became the first black woman to graduate from medical school in the U.S.”
  • Keep up with Blacks in Tech to see who they will feature week-by-week in their 28 Innovate project. Learn more about African American tech innovators who are making a difference today.
  • Engage K12 students with lesson plans honoring “the achievements and scientific work of African Americans.”

For CSUSM students interested in the sciences, consider becoming involved in OTRES. The Office for Training, Research & Education in the Sciences does a lot of work to increase minority participation in STEM disciplines. If you’re interested in pursuing a PhD after completing your coursework at CSUSM, consider applying to the RISE, MARC, Bridges and LSAMP programs, which provide academic and financial support.