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Celebrate African American achievements in STEM

In honor of Black History Month, I’d like to highlight some resources featuring African American scientists. (Sorry this is a bit late…I can’t believe it’s March next week already!)

Escape this #overlyhonestmethods pitfall — consult your librarian!

In her post When journal articles are hard to find, Bonnie Swoger, a Science and Technology librarian at SUNY Geneseo, explores the phenomena illustrated by this tweet:

“I cited this paper because everyone else has cited it, though noone

150,000 animal recordings digitized by Cornell Lab of Ornithology

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Macaulay Library has digitized its archive of over 150,000 animal sounds.

Search the archive to hear recordings of approximately 9,000 species. This being from Cornell, the majority of the recordings are of bird vocalizations, but …

PLOS Search and Navigation Redesign – Dec 2012

The Public Library of Science (PLOS, formerly “PLoS” with a lowercase “o”) has undergone an extensive redesign. The first redesign in July 2012 dealt mainly with the visual aspects of the site. The most recent redesign to the site last …

Favorite science blogs!

During intersession, I have a bit more time to catch up on my Google Reader feed and explore new blogs. Here are some of my favorites:

New blog from CSUSM science librarian

Stay tuned for updates on new trends and research in science, publishing, and library land.…